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Helping you care for animals and for yourself
Helping you care for animals and for yourself
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Helping you care for animals and for yourself


AnimalConcepts provides professional and specialist services and organises events dedicated to animal care and welfare as well as the wellbeing of people who care for animals.

AnimalConcepts helps zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and other facilities to create, maintain and continuously improve animal wellbeing programs based on scientific and ethical frameworks. We strive to maintain an animal's first approach while acknowledging philosophical, economical, cultural, social, and political differences.

AnimalConcepts collaborates with international organisations, institutions, and professionals at universities, research institutes, zoos, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, facilitating and promoting changes to improve animal and human wellbeing globally. Our work is founded in compassion and empathy for all living beings and life.

We consult and provide staff training on location, as well as online assistance and advice. Contact us for more information and we look forward to assisting and providing guidance in your goals of promoting optimal animal and human wellbeing.
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Animal Wellbeing Assessment
What tools should I use, when and what data should I collect, and does this differ between species? We can help you answer these and other questions, and together develop an holistic animal wellbeing program specific to your animals and institution. Contact us on how we can work together.
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Workshops & Seminars
Explore upcoming workshops, seminars, conferences and other activities from AnimalConcepts & collaborators. Explore our EVENTS
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Self-Assessments & Accreditation
Do you need an animal wellbeing self-assessment? Prepare for accreditation? We can help you develop a contemporary and holistic self-assessment. Contact us for more information on how we can work together.
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Research writing and collaborations
Do you want to make evidence-based decisions? Do research on animal wellbeing, the human-animal relationship, or turn your already existing data into peer-reviewed papers? We can help with research design and writing. Contact us for more information on how we can work together.
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Dedication to caring for animals & the people who care for them, and recognising that the human-animal relationship is essential for the wellbeing of both. Do you and/or team want to learn about compassion awareness, setting boundaries and self-care? Contact us for more information on how we can work together.
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Staff training
Do you need staff training on topics such as animal welfare and assessment, human wellbeing, environmental enrichment, animal training, human-animal interaction? We can provide a wide variety of capacity building activities for your team to achieve your institutional goals. Contact us for more information on how we can work together.
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Career Coaching

Do you want to work with wild animals? Looking for advice to start your animal welfare career? Are you thinking of changing your animal care career but unsure what your options are? Schedule a career coaching call with Sabrina Brando to get feedback, ideas, and insights.

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'We have an ethical responsibility to provide animals in human care with environments that allow them to experience optimal welfare.'

Brando & Buchanan-Smith (2018)

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Sabrina Brando joined animal caregivers from all around the world for the 2018 International Congress of Zookeepers at Bioparque Temaiken in Argentina.

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