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Zoo Animal Welfare and Care for Veterinary Professionals

Course description

We have an ethical responsibility to promote optimal welfare for animals housed in zoos and aquariums. This course provides the essentials of current animal welfare science and best practices relevant to zoos with emphasis on veterinary care. Practical examples, case studies, and best practices will be discussed. This course is aimed at veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses/technicians and students working within or with an interest in this field.

“This course provides a great opportunity to learn more about animal care and welfare. The simple fact that I will be able to continue to review and access materials is a great thing. I feel no pressure and know I can review and maybe learn a bit more about something I missed the first time and which was important. Thank you for that!” - Dr. Ana Salbany - Dubai

Learning outcomes:

After this course you will be able to: 

Define animal welfare and care
Describe the holistic approach to animal welfare 
Recognise the importance of ethics
Understand the approach to preventative health care
Identify concerns and challenges affecting the welfare of the animal 
Identify opportunities for promoting positive animal welfare 
Describe animal welfare assessment methods
Recognise the importance of meaningful record keeping 
Understand the differences between input resources and outcome (animal-based) parameters 
Recognise the importance of applied science
Understand the importance of assessing and managing ageing animals
Appreciate the challenges around euthanasia and how to overcome them
Recognise the need for human wellbeing in conjunction with animal care
Time/CPD hours: 20 (13 taught & 7 reading/contributing to discussions)

"I have been enjoying the course, giving direction on implementation, considering different approaches, and it also gives me a sense of direction on how to deepen myself into the topics even further." - Eefje Egberts - Australia.

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Short bio Dr. Sarah Chapman

Sarah has been a qualified vet for twenty years working initially in mixed practice where she also worked with exotics and wildlife. She is an experienced zoo veterinary surgeon having worked with mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in a number of large zoos in the United Kingdom, specialising in large mammals especially great apes, elephants, large carnivores and other hoof stock. In 2016 she became an RCVS recognised specialist in zoo and wildlife medicine having completed her certificate and diploma in this field. She has also completed a Masters in Wild Animal Health working on Gorilla pathology as her dissertation. Sarah is the leader of the health sub-group of the UK Elephant Welfare Group; was the veterinary advisor for the UK Elephant Focus Group and also the Bongo Taxon Advisory Group. She has spent time teaching in China and Romania, speaking at international conferences and in the Cameroon doing veterinary work with rescued primates. She is currently co-director of Chapman Zoo Consultancy providing specialist zoo consultancy services to zoological collections and training to veterinary and zoo professionals. She is an inspector for local authorities with respect to animal welfare and zoo licensing and has undertaken international work including zoo welfare assessments in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Her main interests include geriatric animal care and providing optimal welfare for any animal under human care.

Short bio Sabrina Brando MSc

Sabrina has a BSc. In Psychology, a MSc in Animal Studies and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling in Scotland on the topic of human wellbeing in relation to caring for animals. Sabrina is a Research Associate with the Smithsonian Institution and a Level 1 Instructor for international charity ‘The Shape of Enrichment’. She has worked in and with the global zoo and wildlife profession, including zoos, aquariums, wildlife centres and sanctuaries for 28 years. Sabrina completed a Compassion Fatigue Strategies certificate with the University of Florida Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program, College of Veterinary Medicine, and is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator. Dedication to caring for animals and the people who care for them is the core of AnimalConcepts’s philosophy, recognising that the human-animal relationship is essential for the wellbeing of both. Sabrina feels compassion awareness is key in the animal care profession in order for animal care professionals to serve animals and people with compassion and integrity. “My career purpose is to promote positive wellbeing for animals and the people who care for them.” Through AnimalConcepts Sabrina has to date organised over 350 events beside presenting at conferences, consulting for organisations worldwide and active engagement with non-profits through pro bono work. She teaches as a guest lecturer at various universities and colleges as well as many zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries worldwide, on animal welfare, behaviour, environmental enrichment, animal training, the human-animal relationship, and other topics.
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Download the course content overview Part 1 with graphics, links to articles, guidelines and other resources by clicking HERE
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Download the course content overview Part 1 with graphics, links to articles, guidelines and other resources by clicking HERE
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This course is a collaboration between AnimalConcepts & Chapman Zoo Consultancy

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