Sabrina Brando is Director of AnimalConcepts. Sabrina started her work with animals 27 years ago at the Amsterdam Zoo as a volunteer. Since then she has worked in many marine parks, zoos, research institutes, wildlife parks and in ecotourism, with a large variety of animal species in Europe, the USA, Africa, Australia, South-America and Asia.

Sabrina is passionate about animals and the natural world. In her work Sabrina focuses on promoting positive animal welfare and good human-animal interactions and relationships, this to facilitate excellent animal care and protection.

AnimalConcepts was founded in 2004, and she works since 2007 on a full-time basis as a consultant in animal care and welfare, working in zoos, marine parks, animal shelters, government facilities, research laboratories and wildlife sanctuaries world wide. Species ranging from rabbits, mice and birds to bears, snakes, crocodiles, dolphins and gorillas. Over the years she has organised over 215 seminars and workshops world wide on a wide variety of topics. From August 2017 to May 2019 she worked as the first Director of Animal Welfare at the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA).

Sabrina has a BSc. in psychology (2011) and a MSc. in Animal Studies (2016). Sabrina is a PhD student at the University of Stirling with the topic "24/7 across lifespan: zoo animal and human wellbeing" and is enrolled in a self-paced MSc. of Psychology.

Sabrina is involved in several research projects on animal welfare, behaviour, ethics and advocacy. She also teaches workshops on care, welfare, enrichment, exhibit design, training and behaviour, the human-animal bond, animal learning and many other animal related topics for animal care staff, veterinarians, curators, students and managers as well as working with large teams as a consultant for multiple zoos, research facilities and universities worldwide.

Sabrina teaches as a guest lecturer on the Marine Mammal Science MSc. at the St. Andrews University in Scotland, and as a guest lecturer on other (post)graduate courses worldwide. Sabrina has authored and co-authored peer-reviewed scientific publication as well as book chapters. She has presented extensively and been an invited- and keynote speaker at animal welfare and advocacy conferences world wide. She is a reviewer for various animal behaviour and welfare journals.

PASA launched a new program to further improve animal welfare of primates at PASA member sanctuaries by training the animal care staff. The program includes a training curriculum relevant to African sanctuaries and adapted to each sanctuary’s resources and need, covering animal welfare related topics like daily husbandry, animal behaviour, environmental enrichment and the human-animal interaction. Local and international instructors with a wide variety of practical and scientific knowledge travel to sanctuaries to provide the training. Collaborations and sharing also takes place through other means of training, such as manuals, instructional videos and photo libraries and through conference calls. Sabrina Brando assumes the role of PASA Primate Care Training Program Coordinator, working closely with all sanctuaries, instructors and the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance Board. Sabrina also volunteers for other animal welfare and wildlife voluntary work world wide.

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