Past AnimalConcepts & Collaborators Events & Attending Conferences and Workshops

Sabrina offers much of her time and expertise pro bono for various organisations, these are indicated with (PB)


November 2nd & 3rd: Caring for Elderly Wild Animals, Allwetter Zoo, Germany

May 10th - June 15th: Dolphin welfare and human-animal interaction research, Dolphin Academy, Curacao
May 4th - 6th: Zoo Animal Welfare Conference, Detroit Zoo, USA

April 20th: Guest lecturer on the MSc. Marine Mammal Science, St. Andrews, UK
April 8th & 9th: Advanced Animal Training Seminar, Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

March 21st - 23rd: Workshop Animal Training Rinforzo Positivo, Zoo Punta Verde, Italy
March 13th - 16th: Steller sea lion cognition research, Harderwijk Dolfinarium, The Netherlands
March 11th & 12th: Animal Training Seminar with Bob Bailey, Zeist, The Netherlands
March 8th: Wild animal welfare in zoos and circuses, Edinburgh University, Scotland

February 18th: A Rich Life for Horses, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

January 23rd - 25th: Steller sea lion cognition research, Harderwijk Dolfinarium, The Netherlands


December 6th & 7th: Caring for Elderly Zoo Animals, San Francisco Zoo, USA

November 27th: Omgaan met lastige cursisten en trainers, O&O, The Netherlands
November 24th: Emotie and intelligentie bij dieren, Martin Gaus Academie, The Netherlands
November 21st & 22nd: 2nd Research Training Seminar, Marine Science Center Rostock, Germany
November 7th - 9th: Animal welfare, training and enrichment workshop, AAP Primadomus, Spain (PB)

October 26th - 28th: 1st South and East Europe Regional Enrichment Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (PB)
October 15th: Beyond the ABC of Animal Training, Lunteren, The Netherlands
October 3-5: Animal welfare workshop, Mulhouse Zoo, France

June-September: Thesis MSc. Animal Studies

May 18th - 21st: Human and animal emotions (Poster presentation), Erice, Italy
May 4th 2016: Marine Mammal Welfare Symposium (Attending), Nuremberg, Germany

April 23rd & 24th: Learning from the Wild, Chester Zoo, UK
April 21st: Guest lecturer on the MSc. Marine Mammal Science, St. Andrews, UK
April 18th - 20th: Evidence of Animal Minds Conference (Attending), Durham University, UK
April 8th & 9th: Primate welfare seminar, European Institute for Translational Medicine, Switzerland / Italy

March 9th & 10th: Zoo animal welfare seminar, Zoo Punta Verde, Italy
March 2nd: Guest lecturer Postgraduate course Animals & Society, Edinburgh University, Scotland

January 25th - 28th: Marine mammal cognition research, Dolfinarium Harderwijk, The Netherlands


December 12th: Primate welfare & training course, University of Zurich, Switzerland
December 9th & 10th: Marine mammal cognition research at Harderwijk Dolfinarium, The Netherlands
December 4th - 6th: 1st Student Animal Presentation Skills Course, Golders Hill Park Zoo, UK

November 28th: Workshop Agressie in dieren: oorzaken en oplossingen, Dierenrijk, Netherlands
November 26th & 27th: Workshop Animal Ethics & Anthropocene, Wageningen University, Netherlands
November 17th - 19th: Zoo animal welfare seminar, Mulhouse Zoo, France
November 11th: Invited speaker: Marine mammal welfare: Advancing enrichment and training, Zoomarine, Italy (PB)

October 31st: Affective Neuroscience by Professor Jaak Panksepp, Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 27th - 29th: Guest lecturer Animal welfare, enrichment and training, Reaseheath College, Nantwich, UK
October 22nd - 25th: Caring for the wild: Practical animal ethics workshop, Helicon Apeldoorn, Netherlands
October 5th - 15th: Animal welfare, enrichment & training at Tchimpounga Santuary, Congo (PB)
October 3rd: Animal play, behaviour & cognition, Skanes Djurpark, Sweden
October 1st: Invited speaker “What do animals think?” Seminar Danish Zoological Society, Copenhagen, Denmark (PB)

September 26th & 27th: Animal play, behaviour, cognition & ethics, Wageningen, Netherlands

June 11th - August 21st: Naturalist and researcher at North Sailing, Husavik, Iceland

July 9th: Meet us don’t eat us seminar with IFAW, Husavik, Iceland (PB)

June 30th: Connecting with animals as sentient beings: the role of a guide, 2nd Whale Congress, Husavik, Iceland (PB)
June 12th: Marine mammals in captivity, lecture at Marine Mammal Summer Course, University of Iceland, Husavik, Iceland (PB)
June 3-5 & 8: Cognition research in collaboration with the Dolfinarium, Harderwijk, The Netherlands

May 26th - 28th: Zoo animal welfare: Human-Animal Interaction, Skanes Djurpark, Sweden
May 18th - 22nd: Zoo animal welfare, Zoo de la Fleche, France
May 2nd: Invited speaker at the O&O, Woudenberg, The Netherlands

April 23rd: Guest lecturer on the MSc. Marine Mammal Science, St. Andrews, UK
April 13th - 18th: The ABMA Conference (Workshop Presenter), Nyborg, Denmark
April 11th & 12th: Ethics of creating motivation in animal training, Lund, Sweden

March 31st: Invited speaker Emotie en intelligentie in dieren: De laatste stand van zaken, Martin Gaus Academie Lelystad, Netherlands
March 12th & 13th: Advanced animal training seminar, Emmen Zoo, Netherlands
January 13th & 20th: Animal welfare at the children’s farm, Malkerschoten, Netherlands


December 15th - 17th: Reptiles, amphibians and fishes welfare seminar, Helsinki Zoo, Finland
December 4th: Animal welfare, behavior & cognition, Paris, France

November 18th - 25th: Zoo animal wellbeing consulting, Zoo de la Fleche, France
November 14th - 16th: Primate Welfare seminar, Chester Zoo, UK
November 10th - 12th: Psychologie van de mens: implicaties voor mens en dier, Martin Gaus Academy, The Netherlands

October 30th & 31st: Seminario biologia e conservazione mammiferi marini, University of Pavia, Italy
October 25th - 27th: Knots, firehose & metal baskets, Reepark, Denmark
October 16th - 19th: SHAPE workshop, Skanes Djurpark, Sweden
October 11th-14th: Practical Animal Training Workshop, Hansenberg Kolding, Denmark
October 4th: 1st Animal Film Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands

July 1st - September 8th : Wildlife at North Sailing, Husavik, Iceland

June 21st - 26th: Zoo animal wellbeing consulting, Mulhouse Zoo, France
June 18th - 19th: Animal welfare, training, enrichment and rehab & reintroduction, Israel NPA, Israel
June 17th: Animal welfare, 24/7 Zoo Concepts & Night time care & research, Ramat Gan Safari, Israel
June 1st - 12th: Animal welfare, enrichment & training course at Tchimpounga Santuary, Congo (PB)

May 27th - 31st: Animal Welfare & Sustainable Populations Conference, Scotland
May 23rd-24th: 1st Primate food & water control workshop, BPRC, The Netherlands
May 20th - 22nd: Seminar with Dr. S. Yin, S. Prins, S. Brando & V. Jonckheer-Sheehy, The Netherlands
May 12th - 15th: Research Training seminar, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark.
May 3rd - 7th: Zoo animal wellbeing consulting, Paris Zoo, France

April 29th: Animal play & critical thinking workshop, Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen, The Netherlands
April 24th: Marine mammal wellbeing in captivity, lecture MSc. St. Andrews University, Scotland
April 6th - 8th: Animal welfare, training & enrichment workshop, Animals Asia, Chengdu, China (PB)

March 25th: Animal cognition and emotions lecture, Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen, The Netherlands
March 10th - 12th: Cognition, Enrichment & Collaboration, Zoo Atlanta, USA
March 8th: Kynotrain Congres, Lunteren, The Netherlands
March 1&2: Consulting Paris Zoo, France

February 20th - 28th: Consulting Paris Zoo, France
February 17th - 19th: Aggression, stereotypies and problem solving, Paradise Wildlife Park, UK
February 9th - 16th: Research collaboration with the Oceanographico Valencia, Spain
February 5th - 7th: Fish & Reptile Welfare - A Practical Workshop. Sea Life Center, The Netherlands

January: Survey wellbeing sealions housed in circuses in The Netherlands


December 12th - 17th: Paris Zoo, France
December 9th - 11th: Animal Welfare, Enrichment & Training seminar, Reaseheath College, UK
December 3rd - 5th: Zoo Animal Welfare, Kolmarden Zoo, Sweden

November 18th - 21st: Behavior, Husbandry & Training of laboratory Primates, DPZ, Göttingen, Germany
November 16th & 17th: Parrot Congress, Tours, France
November 12th & 14th: Barbara Heidenreich & Sabrina Brando - Bird & Small Mammal Welfare Seminar, Dublin, Ireland
November 9th & 10th: Barbara Heidenreich & Sabrina Brando - Bird & Small Mammal Welfare Seminar, Avifauna, The Netherlands

October 29th - 31st: Animal Ethics: A Practical Workshop, Utrecht, The Netherlands
October 20th: Intelligence and emotions in animals, Lelystad, The Netherlands.
October 7th - 9th: Novel Approaches to Animal Welfare, Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

September 30th - October 2nd: A 3-day workshop on primate welfare and training, BPRC, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
September 23rd - 27th: Animal Welfare Workshop - Institute for Primate Research, Nairobi, Kenya (PB)
September 19th & 20th: Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Physiology: What does the brain tell us? Helsinki University, Finland
September 18th: Webinar on environmental enrichment for non-human primates - Veterinary Bioscience Institute, USA
September 18th: Carnivore welfare and training lecture at the Helsinki Zoo, Finland
September 12th - 14th: Carnivore welfare seminar - Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark
September 11th: Webinar on Rodent Behavior and Enrichment Strategies - Veterinary Bioscience Institute, USA
September 10th: Webinar Considerations of implementing enrichment with NHP - Veterinary Bioscience Institute, USA
September 4th: Webinar - Theory and practical aspects of environmental enrichment programs - Veterinary Bioscience Institute, USA

August: Wildlife guide at North Sailing, Husavik - Iceland.
August: Consulting Howletts Wild Animal Park, UK.

July: Wildlife guide at North Sailing, Husavik - Iceland.

June: Wildlife Guide with North Sailing - Iceland
June 28th: Lecture on Marine Mammals under Human Care: Welfare & Science. Haskoli Husavik - Iceland (PB)
June 10th - 12th: Environmental Enrichment Workshop at Hansenberg School in Kolding, Denmark

May 24th - 28th: Dog training, cognition & training with Dr. Sophia Yin at the VetMed University / Messerli Institute in Vienna, Austria
May 23rd: Lecture at the Messerli Institute: Animal training as a tool in animal husbandry and science. Vienna, Austria
May 8th - 9th: ILAM course in Memphis, USA
May 4th - 7th: CALAS / LAWTE Conference in Winnipeg, Canada (PB)

April 14th - 18th: Practical Animal Training Workshop in Vienna, Austria
April 10th: Lecture at the St. Andrews University MRes Program Marine Mammal Science, Scotland

March 25th - 27th: Zoo Animal Welfare seminar at Ouwehands Zoo, The Netherlands

February 2nd - 8th: Animal training and enrichment consulting at the Aalborg Zoo, Denmark

January 28th - 30th: Environmental Enrichment Workshop at Roskilde Technical School, Denmark


December 23rd: Stress in laboratory animals: factors, impact and methods of alleviation. Israel
December 11th - 14th: Advanced Animal Learning Seminar at Chessington Zoo - Chessington, UK
December 6th - 7th: ASAB Winter Meeting at the Zoological Society of London - London, UK

November 19th: Primate Welfare Workshop NC3Rs - London, UK
November 12th - 16th: Enrichment 21st Century at SeaWorld, BuschGardens and Dolphin Discovery - Orlando, FL, USA
November 9th - 11th; Marine Mammal Welfare Seminar at Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute - San Diego, CA, USA
November 5th: Environmental Enrichment Workshop at Save the Chimps - Fort Pierce, FL, USA

October 22nd- 25th: Animal Training Workshop - Jerusalem Zoo, Israel
October 17th - 19th: Practical Environmental Enrichment Workshop - Munich Zoo, Germany
October 9th - 12th: Animal Training workshop - Moscow Zoo, Russia
October 1st - 2nd: Animal Welfare: Emotion, Cognition & Behaviour - Stichting AAP, The Netherlands

September 24th - 26th: Animal Welfare: Emotion, Cognition & Behaviour - Edinburgh Zoo, UK
September 13th - 22nd: Caretaker Training Course Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary - Kenya
September 3rd - 5th: Primate Enrichment: A practical workshop. BPRC Rijswijk, The Netherlands

July 24th: Marine mammal science under human care lecture - University of Iceland, Iceland

June 14th - 17th: BIAZA Conference - Broxbourne, England
June 11th - 13th: Hansenberg - Kolding, Denmark

May - August: North Sailing - Husavik, Iceland

May 14th - 16th: Animal Welfare: Ethics, Behaviour & Cognition seminar Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
May 8th: Animal learning and behaviour - Memphis Zoo, USA
May 7th: ILAM - Memphis, USA
May 4th: Animal leaning & behaviour - Penn Veterinary Medicine Philadelphia, USA
May 2nd: MRes Marine Mammal Science - St. Andrews, Scotland

April 17th - 20th: Bird Welfare & Behaviour - Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

March 19th - 21st: Marine Mammal Welfare: Behaviour, Cognition and Emotion - Dolfinarium Harderwijk, The Netherlands
March 17th: Biology of Stress - Dolfinarium Harderwijk, The Netherlands
March 12th - 16th: Newcastle University - Newcastle, England
March 7th - 11th: EAAM Conference - Madrid, Spain
March 2nd: Odense Zoo - Odense, Denmark

February 27th - 29th: Roskilde Tekniske Skole - Roskilde, Denmark
February 15th: Dolfinarium - Harderwijk, The Netherlands
February 13th: Tinley - Veenendaal, The Netherlands

January 30th: Tinley - Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Events prior to 2012 upon request.

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