September 2019

The Hummingbird Buzz: AnimalConcepts Newsletter #1

You can download the newsletter here The Hummingbird Buzz: AnimalConcepts Newsletter #1

Welcome Sabrina!

Sabrina will work as a remote collaborator on the Illustrated Handbook of Zoo-keeping.
This is an ICZ project that aims to provide keepers with a simple yet comprehensive guide to improve their safety and animal husbandry through the use of images.

Growing up in a family of veterinarians, she soon developed a strong fondness towards animals and nature in general. That bond eventually brought her to her first professional experience in the field: she started working as a trainer and caretaker of birds of prey in a theme park in Rome, seven years ago. Later she had many experiences as a volunteer in zoological parks and wildlife rehabilitation centres, both in Italy and in The Netherlands.

Sabrina worked as a full-time animal care professional, focusing her attention not only on animal husbandry and training, but also on public awareness through
numerous educational activities, such as speeches, demonstrations and laboratories.

During these years, she expanded her skills working with a wide variety of species, including primates, reptiles, large carnivores, birds and many others species.

As member of AIGZOO, the Italian Association of Zookeepers, she continues her professional training attending courses and workshops regarding general husbandry, training, enrichment and conservation.

During her free time, she is devoted to another great passion: nature and wildlife photography. In her numerous travels, she always enjoys natural excursions and never misses a chance to visit other zoos and centres of zoological interest to take photos and connect with colleagues from all over the world.

"This experience will be a great chance for me to help improving animal welfare in a complete different way, to expand my knowledge about the Animal-human bond, while working on a very exciting project that combines my two passions: nature and photography.”