August 2019

Welcome Sara Torres!

AnimalConcepts welcomes Sara Torres Ortiz who will be working as a remote collaborator on a variety of animal welfare, care and behaviour related projects and is excited about "an opportunity to expand my understanding on animal-human relationships and to provide tools for an objective research approach in order to reach high quality conclusions."

Sara Torres Ortiz is a researcher at the University of Southern Denmark where she finished her master studies on animal behavior and bioacoustics in 2016.

She is originally from Spain, where she completed her MSc studies in oceanography at the University of Cadiz.

As a researcher, Sara works on many different research projects involving animal behavior and bioacoustics, both in the field and in the lab. When she first arrived in Denmark, she assisted in training groups of grey seals, cormorants, and parrots that participated in hearing and/or cognition tasks.

During her time with Montpellier University she investigated the sensory abilities of whales in Spain and Iceland in the field.

Sara has also worked with bottlenose dolphins at Dolphin Adventure in Mexico, both in a training and in a research capacity.

With an ongoing project she is studying the behavior and communication of wild harbor porpoises using drones.

Currently, Sara is starting her PhD with the Max Planck institute in Loro Parque working with cognitive abilities on parrots and dolphins.

Sarah Torres

Welcome Caitlin Ball!

AnimalConcepts welcomes Caitlin Ball who will be working as a collaborator on research projects, publications, communications, and operations, and is, "trilled to work on and contribute to a wide variety of meaningful activities."

Caitlin’s passion for animals and conservation began with spending most of her childhood outdoors. Having been raised in southern Africa, Central & North America, and the Middle East, she was immersed in and learned about a wide variety of biomes and animals so she has always felt strongly about the importance of protecting biodiversity and helping it flourish. Her passion for this was solidified during 8 years in southern Africa where she spent free time volunteering with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals and visiting sanctuaries and game parks, learning about the ongoing mass extinction.

Last year, she graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in International Relations focused on development and the environment. During her education she took a series of philosophy courses that related to human-animal-environment relationships. Additionally, she spent several months in India doing a field study program on sustainable development and social change, completing independent research on water conservation project management in Sikkim.

Over the course of Caitlin’s professional experience she has worked at the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the United States Agency for International Development’s Water Resources and Environment Office in Jordan, and US Embassies in Jordan and the Republic of Georgia. Through her travels and these various positions she has studied many languages and has published magazine articles, blog posts, and success stories on a variety of topics, including the zoo and aquarium community, extinction, climate change, and resource conservation. Furthermore, she has gained experience in a diverse range of skills that includes administration, outreach, diplomacy, research, and events, among others.

Specific projects she looks forward to working on include human-animal relationships, primate care, welfare and protection in collaboration with the Pan-African Sanctuary Alliance, and policy research.