Life with Animals…a blog.

We are delighted to be in the process of extending our website, with a blog dedicated to training animals, animals training humans’, animal welfare, the science behind all of this and some thoughts in regard to current topics! A blog and website that reflect professional and modern animal training approaches. Exchanges that are based on a two-way communicative and interactive perspective, where both the animal and human learn, propose, and experience together.
The idea of a blog developed out of a shared passion for animals as sentient and thinking beings, the science and practice of animal cognition, learning and training, and the years of collaboration and friendship.

We believe effective and joyful training is a combination of fun, science, empathy, and patience. To build relationships with animals based on trust and respect and offering animals choice and control. Professional and modern animal care considers animal behaviour, cognition and affective states as well as their individual personalities, needs and preferences. It is dynamic; evolving as animals and humans interact, and as new practical knowledge and science becomes available.
A professional caretaker/trainer continues to develop a deeper understanding of the natural history, ecology, social life, sensory systems, psychology, and emotions of the species and individuals they are interacting with. They spend lots of time watching, listening and learning! They continue to strive to provide the best quality of life.

We looking forward to writing and sharing and we would love to hear from our friends and colleagues.

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