Welcome Margherita!

Margherita will help with the organisation of all media (videos & photos) related content. "Working with AnimalConcepts allows me to express my passion for animal welfare into concrete actions that will help both animals and their caregivers"

Margherita has always loved animals and especially learning what makes them tick. She grew up in various countries around the world but really managed to focus her passion in Eritrea during her teens. There, she started to understand the delicate balances that are at play in unique ecosystems and uncontaminated habitats. She studied Natural Sciences and then went on to study Ethology, which she found to be her true vocation. Margherita's career took her to a series of different settings, from a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa to protected areas in Portugal and Spain. These work experiences and her solid work ethics led her to become a passionate otter expert and she is now collaborating closely with the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group, is on the board of the WWF Italy and helps manage the WWF YOUng Italy.

Positive, creative and motivated, Margherita is looking forward to working with projects that will help experts and people who work with animals all around the world increase animal welfare and learn more about the individuals they care for. Research, educational material and outreach programs are what she is most passionate about.