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DATA Animal Training & Welfare

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Workshop in The Netherlands. Join us for a full day workshop where you will learn about different methods of analysing behaviour, tools for tracking and monitoring behaviour, and the benefits of becoming evidence-based with all your applied animal behavior endeavours.

Research Training Workshop

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Workshop in Denmark. Join us for a 2-day workshop where you will learn about different methods of animal welfare assessment and the role animal training can play in assessing animal welfare, animal experiences, and gaining insights in animal capabilities. This 3rd research training workshop will focus on animal welfare and evidence-based approaches, training that promotes positive welfare while gaining insight into a wide variety of animal welfare related topics.

How are you? Human Wellbeing Sweden

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Workshop in Sweden. Join us for a 2-day workshop which will provide you with a theoretical and practical overview of strategies related to compassion awareness, including preventing and addressing compassion fatigue, and enhancing compassion satisfaction and resilience.
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