AnimalConcepts 'Connection' Map
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AnimalConcepts 'Connection' Map

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AnimalConcepts Wellness Atlas 'Connection

“Connection is about living together on this beautiful planet where giraffes, birds, frogs, humans and all other animals are connected. Each experiencing their own worlds, but also the worlds that connect, overlap, and merge. The map harbours places reflecting joy, action, states of being, the unknown and possibilities, inviting you to explore, to think and feel, to make up your own names of missing places” says Sabrina Brando, Director of AnimalConcepts.

Inspired by a map illustrating the experiences of a man and a woman, in a little big book called The Atlas of Experience (van Swaaij & Klare, 1999), Sabrina envisioned creating a map of connection between humans and other animals.

Sabrina connected with friend and artist Sara Torres Ortiz and the map slowly emerged and shifted as they expressed their thoughts, feelings and discussions on what this first map could be, and importantly, how it makes us feel and think about other animals and humans. Sharing with a few friends and colleagues shaped the map to what it is today, delighting in having created connection together!

“Working on this map was a great experience for me”, says Sara, “I have always worked on paper with watercolours and pencils, expanding my knowledge of the use of technology for colouring and drawing, while creating a map which inspires me to expand my knowledge about other people, animals and myself.”

The map “Connection” reflects a fantasy world with musing, wishes, dreams, as well as realities, facts, fun, and importantly, a call to action. “I hope this maps sparks exploration, meditations on ourselves, what the experiences of other animals are, or might be, and how we are connected. Musing what a hummingbird would sing about, how a chimpanzee feels when lounging with others on the warm grass, and even what stories trees tell each other over the years,” says Sabrina.

Sabrina hopes that this map gives rise to the telling of stories of animals, people, landscapes, about our connection with nature and how we are all part of this together.

Stories as a call to notice, to see and consider the perspectives of other animals and living beings.

Stories as a call to action, to open your heart and eyes, to ask questions, to acknowledge challenges and specifically, to have hope.

We can all contribute to sustainable development and a compassionate and empathetic world. Ultimately it is not just about animals and the natural world, but about you and me, about connection, compassion, care, and empathy for nature and all living beings, people or others.