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2014_03_18 Is It Wrong For Zoo Restaurants To Serve Meat?

Is it weird to eat a hamburger at the same zoo where you just pet a cow, or cooed over a panda? Huffington Post article in relation to our publication “Eating Animals at the Zoo”
2015_07_13: Kort stukje over Kyno Congress 2015 in het zomernummer van “Onze Hond”. Voor de PDF klik hier
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Newspaper article on the marine mammal seminar held at the University of Pavia, October 2014. To download the PDF please click here

2012_07 Interview with Sabrina Brando for North Sailing in Iceland

2010_05_30 Interview with Sabrina Brando on animal emotion for "Dyrs følelser, Natursyn kl. 13:03 på P1"