SHAPE Instructors: Mark Kingston Jones and Sabrina Brando

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SHAPE workshops have been running since 2000 and are designed around a core of practical and theoretical units, to assist animal caretakers in creating and assessing enrichment plans within their institutions. Almost 100 workshops worldwide have been conducted to date, both as in-house staff training or as publicly available courses.

In addition to short talks and demonstrations during this general enrichment course, the core units we cover are outlined below. We will also be running optional practical sessions on rope splicing and fire hose weaving for any interested participants. The group projects will be done with aquatic species such as sharks, octopus and seals.


  • Animal welfare: An overview of general animal welfare and discussions on how enrichment can be used to help increase physical and mental fitness allowing our animals to be in the best condition possible.
  • The Five Categories of Enrichment: Creating holistic enrichment programmes that cover all aspects of the animal’s wants and needs.
  • The Enrichment Framework: Creating goal driven enrichment programmes. This talk will give participants the framework to create their own ideas and included in this will be tailoring enrichment to individual animal welfare, animal safety concerns with enrichment, and simple evaluation methods to make sure that the programme is effective.


  • “You’re not building that…’: To ensure participants are considering their enrichment ideas and designs thoroughly, they will be briefed on an enrichment goal, given time to come up with ideas, then tested thoroughly by the Instructors to see how well thought out they are, from practicality and safety, to budget.
  • Group projects: The workshop culminates in the participants using what they have learnt to design, build and test enrichment ideas with the facilities animals, followed by evaluating and explaining the results.
  • Behavioural problem solving: Behaviour management of captive animals consists of 3 strategies: Enrichment, Training (Positive reinforcement training), and Problem Solving. There are many resources available for Enrichment and Training but few for Problem Solving. Developed by Gail Laule and Tim Desmond, this process keeps you focused on the cause of the problem. Identifying multiple potential causes is encouraged, then rather than selecting one cause to address, devising and implementing solutions for all reasonable causes identified. This session will consist of a short review of the process, with the bulk of the time used to solve a problem presented by one participant.

Mark Kingston Jones BSc has been involved in the animal welfare field since 2004. He is a Workshop Coordinator and Level 1 Instructor for The Shape of Enrichment. In addition to running over 25 of his own Student Environmental Enrichment Courses, in the UK, he has been an Instructor on 17 SHAPE workshops and 2 others, in the UK, Indonesia, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Uganda, Vietnam, Armenia, India and Croatia. Previous to becoming self-employed in 2014, he worked at Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks, as ‘Head of Education and Research’. In addition to organising talks, workshops and conferences he has organised over 70 enrichment team building workshops, as well as working with keepers to design and implement enrichment ideas. Mark is the SHAPE-UK & Ireland Events Co-Coordinator, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent, an external advisor for the PASA captive Care Group and a Trustee for Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary. He has been an author on 13 papers and presented 35 talks at conferences, both nationally and internationally. More information on Team Building with Bite
Sabrina Brando is a psychologist with a MSc in Animal Studies, interested in the human-animal interaction. She has been working in the field of animal welfare and care since 1992. She is the owner of AnimalConcepts (short bio) and works world wide (facilities and countries) in the field of animal welfare, including the organisation of a wide variety of animal welfare related events since 2008. She has in interest in animal welfare, particularly from the 24/7 across lifespan approach, how various systems and working methods affect animals short-and long-term. Sabrina has been working on captive animals regarding environmental enrichment as well as training, though positive reinforcement, with a wide variety of animal species for husbandry, education, and research projects. Sabrina is involved in various research and writing projects on animal cognition, behaviour and welfare. Since 2016 she is a Level 1 SHAPE Instructor and this her first official SHAPE workshop!


This workshop will be held in English.


Registration includes 3.5 days of lectures, workshops, breaks and snacks, access to the aquarium during the workshop, and certificate of attendance.


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