Welcome Tracey!
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Welcome Tracey!

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Tracey was born and raised in South Africa, where she became very aware of the increasing poaching crisis across the African countries. She was especially entranced when, at the age of around 8 years old, she came into very close proximity with a black rhino in captivity, during a local ‘Save the Rhino’ campaign.

A few years after finishing her schooling, Tracey left South Africa and lived in and around London for 12 years while working. During her time in the UK, while working within the corporate world, Tracey decided to follow her passion for animals and her desire to understanding their behaviour on a deeper level, by completing a BSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare through Greenwich university on a part time basis, while working full time. Tracey then made the move to the NGO sector and joined the Whitley fund for Nature in London, where she had the opportunity to support grassroots conservationists in third world countries who are working tirelessly to save their local endangered species, ecosystems and habitats.

After relocating to Switzerland, where she now lives, Tracey continued her studies by completing an MSc in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health. Her thesis proposed trophic rewilding of Natura 2000 protected areas through the reintroduction of European bison, grey wolf and bearded vultures for the benefit of ecosystem services within Europe. She also founded, and continues to run, the environmental news website Ecolightenment which brings together positive environmental news from mainstream media, as well as smaller NGOs to highlight the important work these groups are carrying out.

Through her skills gained in the corporate sector, her love and passion for wildlife and her continued interest in research and the science-based approach, Tracey hopes to contribute to the continued improvement of wildlife management - both in captivity and in protected areas around the globe.