Welcome Petra!
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Welcome Petra!

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“AnimalConcepts welcomes Petra Janssen who will be working on research projects, publications, communications, and operations for PASA.

Petra’s love for African nature and wildlife began when she first visited Kenya as a young adult. A lifelong fascination found root during this trip and many more visits followed.

A master’s degree in film studies and in journalism, combined with her love for animals, put her on the track of wildlife film making. With the film production company Nature Conservation Films, she filmed National Parks in Tanzania and Malawi. And after that, she travelled back and forth to Cape Town to volunteer with the South African wildlife film production company Natural History Unit.

In 2013, she made a major career switch and joined Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP) in the Netherlands. Petra now works to rehabilitate traumatised monkeys as a primate caretaker. She is also in the latest stages of completing a bachelor’s degree in Agro- and Biotechnology, specialty Animal Care. In her thesis, she focuses on the benefits of browse silage for captive gorillas.

In 2018, Petra spent a month in PASA’s Limbe Wildlife Center in Cameroon to volunteer as an animal caretaker. After that, she participated in long term research on black and white colobus monkeys with Colobus Conservation in Diani Beach, Kenya, also a PASA sanctuary. For PASA, Petra will participate in research projects, publications, communications, and operations, helping the organisation to rescue animals in need, protect habitats and save primates from the brink of extinction.“