Welcome Patrícia!
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Welcome Patrícia!

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“AnimalConcepts welcomes Dr. Patrícia Rachinas-Lopes who will be collaborating on marine mammal research projects, publications, events, and infographics.

Since childhood, Patrícia always had a passion for animals and at age of 8 she decided she wanted to be a marine biologist. Between 2002 and 2007 she started her path with a Graduation in Biology. After graduation she had the opportunity to join a research group, MARE-ISPA, which was monitoring and studying the behavior of wild bottlenose dolphins in the Sado estuary region, Portugal.

Between 2007 and 2010, during her Master’s degree in Psychobiology, she joined a project with captive bottlenose dolphins that had the ambition to study the electrophysiological patterns of bottlenose dolphin’s brain using non-invasive techniques. Patrícia learned not only about dolphin’s neuroscience but also their behavior and training, which increased her passion about animal’s behavior and welfare.

With these topics in mind, between 2011 and 2018 Patrícia did a PhD in Behavioral Biology, studying captive dolphin’s behavior in great detail using inertial sensors to build a behavioural map that would permit a comparison with data collected in wild dolphins. Meanwhile, with her team, developed a video-tracking software that gives information about each dolphin’s preference in the pool, to increase the quality of life of animals in captivity.

Patrícia is author/co-author of international scientific papers, as well as numerous posters and oral presentations in international conferences. She also worked as a volunteer with Projecto Delfim – Centro Português de Estudo dos Mamíferos Marinhos Association promoting environmental education to children and young adults. In 2017 Patrícia worked as a Project Manager of the international meeting Behaviour2017 that was held in Estoril, Portugal, for 1000 participants.

Nowadays she is a professor at ISPA-Instituto Universitário, Lisbon, where she teaches disciplines to both Psychology and Biology graduations, and continues her research projects in the Sado region.

During her path she developed a range of skills, including lab management, outreach, research, event’s organisation and environmental education; and now, after 13 years working with animal behavior, she is dedicating her carrier to the animal welfare.