Welcome Karee!
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Welcome Karee!

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Karee’s passion for animals began at an early age when her family would make sure to plan a trip to the local zoo whenever visiting a new place and be forced to see every single animal at the zoo before leaving upon Karee’s request. Growing up, her enthusiasm for animals continued to increase through volunteer and keeper shadowing programs at various zoos.

In May of 2019, Karee graduated with a bachelor’s degree in zoology with a concentration in zoo and aquarium science from Michigan State University. During her time in college, she was an undergraduate research assistant for the Holekamp lab where she completed an independent research project focused on maternal care in spotted hyenas. She also completed two different animal care internships at the Potawatomi Zoo and Wildlife Safari and had the opportunity to work with a variety of species including carnivores, ungulates, small mammals, primates, amphibians and reptiles with some of her favourites being cheetahs, brown bears, and anteaters. Additionally, Karee loves to travel and was able to participate in two different study abroad programs related to wildlife conservation. One program was in New Zealand studying their policy and conservation efforts and the other took place in Kenya studying the behavioural ecology of African mammals. After graduation, Karee completed a six month endocrinology internship at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute assisting scientists with cheetah reproductive research.

Through all of these experiences, Karee has solidified her passion for animals with the career goal of becoming a zoo animal welfare scientist who would contribute to the worldwide effort of conservation through improving the well-being of animals housed in captivity.