Welcome Federico!
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Welcome Federico!

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Federico is based in Italy and will work as a remote collaborator on video editing, creating videos related to animal welfare related topic.

Most of us were born with a passion for nature and animals and Federico is part of this wide group. He holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Ecological and Biodiversity Science, specialising in Biology and Ethology, and a Masters degree in Biology During his academic period he started to work at Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia as an educator, where he had the privilege of increasing his knowledge on animal welfare and conservation. Additionally, the experience allowed him to improve his communication skills, teaching that there are many ways to transmit values, concepts, and emotions to the public. He deeply believes in the role of zoological facilities as front-runners in conservation and education. He has shared this by talking to people, creating games and adventures for children, and producing multimedia content. His thesis project, “Jaguar Enrichment”, was presented at the National Research Conference in Zoos, Parco Natura Viva. He has attended several Animal Training courses held by EAZA Academy and Animal Training Centre.

Federico’s curiosity, the main engine that powers him, led him to have different experiences as an animal caregiver in zoos and reptile rescue centres.
Additionally, he worked as a trainer of tropical birds at Zoomarine Roma, which gave him an opportunity to create a direct relationship with animals, put into practice what he had previously learned, and share his passion on the stage. Currently, he has special projects with local schools to teach science, animal biology, and conservation with activities and labs. In the meantime he is also constantly looking to grow himself professionally and personally.

The best word to describe Federico is in Japanese: “Kaizen”, continuous improvement. Positive, creative, dynamic, and always trying to learn something new every day, he looks forward to finding out what shape his passion for animals, zoos, and nature will take.