Welcome Elia!
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Welcome Elia!

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Elia in based in Italy and has been working as a zookeeper for eight years, enriching his experience with various animal species ranging from carnivores to herbivores.

Starting in 2011 at the Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia, Elia began a training course by participating in events and workshops in Italy and in Europe to implement and expand his knowledge, concentrating his interests on training and environmental enrichment. He focused his work especially on the management and welfare of Asian elephants and large herbivores.
In 2015 he went to India to volunteer in a recovery centre for Asian elephants and sloth bears, enriching his personal and professional experience. In 2018 he began working at the PuntaVerde Zoo Park, working closely with the lowland tapir and other animal species and growing his wealth of knowledge.

In recent years he has taken an interest in curatorial zoology and exhibit design, increasing his personal training and becoming part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) commission for the lowland tapir. His dream is to become a zoological curator by expanding his training on the management of a park's zoological collection for the purposes of in-situ conservation and the management of ex-situ populations.

In 2016 he co-founded, together with other Italian colleagues, the AIGZOO (Italian Association of Zoo Guardians) of which he is president. Since that time, the organisation has put together events and workshops throughout Italy for zookeeper training, as well as created collaborations with the institutions of the sector and contributed to research and conservation. Furthermore, since 2018, the A.I.G.ZOO, has been an associative member of the International Congress of Zookeepers, the global organisation of zookeeper associations.