Welcome Alma!
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Welcome Alma!

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Alma is based in The Netherlands and with a background in Business Economics and Strategic Management, she did not choose the conventional path towards ‘working with animals’. In 2008 she finished her Masters and started working full time in the business world. However, her strong passion for animals, nature, and conservation kept flaring up. She decided to study Veterinary Naturopathy in 2010 and in the meantime she kept working in marketing, project management, and sales for different organisations.

This led to the development of a set of unique management and holistic animal-orientated skills. In 2011 she started rehabilitating mostly domestic animals with physical and mental problems with great success. Additionally, she supported different organisations in improving animal welfare situations and reducing their operational costs.

During this time Alma developed a special interest in psychologically traumatized animals and realized that she could be of great value in Africa dealing with wildlife affected by the illegal wildlife trade. In 2014 she moved to Malawi and started working for the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. She stayed on board until halfway through 2019 as Captive Care & Rehabilitation Manager where she managed rescue operations and the care and rehabilitation process of all animals. Alma has developed and implemented different wildlife rehabilitation training courses and has trained hundreds of volunteers, staff, and students. She enjoys writing about her work and the specific animals that cross her path.

With her deep understanding of animals, her ability to identify animals’ personalities easily, and her practical, holistic approach she has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of different animals back into the wild and/or into stable situations. From lions to rabbits, her vast experience with different species shows her passion to help all animals and this fuels her engine daily.