Welcome Sara!
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Welcome Sara!

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Sara Torres Ortiz is based in Denmark and is a researcher at the University of Southern Denmark where she finished her master studies on Animal Behaviour and Bioacoustics in 2016. She is originally from Spain, where she completed a BSc. in Oceanography at the University of Cadiz.

Sara works on many different research projects involving animal behaviour and bioacoustics, both in the field and in the lab. When she first began her work in Denmark in 2013 she assisted with training groups of grey seals, cormorants, and parrots that participated in hearing and/or cognition tasks. During her time with Montpellier University in 2016 she collaborated as a co-investigator and assistant in researching the sensory abilities of whales in the field in Spain and Iceland.

Additionally, Sara has worked with bottlenose dolphins at Dolphin Adventure in Mexico, both in a training and in a research capacity. Through an ongoing project she is studying the behaviour and communication of wild harbour porpoises using drones.

Currently, Sara is pursuing both a bachelors in psychology with National University long distance education (UNED) and a PhD with the Max Planck institute in Loro Parque working with cognitive abilities in parrots and dolphins.